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DIY baby/toddler toys: Sensory Bottles and Treasure Baskets

Sick day(s)! I think I remember calling my twins’ first illness “a cold” in my last post. As in, just a cold. Some sneezing and sniffles, nothing a mom can’t handle, right? Well. Not 10 minutes after I published that post on Saturday night, Lil C woke up crying. When I went up there, I… Continue reading DIY baby/toddler toys: Sensory Bottles and Treasure Baskets

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DIY: Upcycled Baby Blanket Bunnies

“Free” might be my favorite word when it comes to activities and toys for my 20 month-old toddler twins. They seem to enjoy the free things in our house more than the toys that cost money. Not only that, but I’m really into making things for them that are sentimental – that they can keep… Continue reading DIY: Upcycled Baby Blanket Bunnies

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Fostering Toddler Independence, DIY-Style

There are some areas in which I feel very confident in letting my twins just do their thing and figuring life out on their own. There are also some areas (ahem, meal time) when I’m slightly obsessed with making sure they take small bites and chew their food 1,000 times before swallowing. I’m working on… Continue reading Fostering Toddler Independence, DIY-Style