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“Easy” Baby Boy

This poor kid hasn’t really gotten a post to himself yet. Even though an infant’s needs are around the clock, they’re all so basic – feed, sleep, diaper, repeat. The needs of two preschoolers are more complicated and emotional, and it’s those issues that I am drawn to thinking about.

Regardless, Baby I is awesome, and he deserves a little attention.


He is an “easy baby”. What is an easy baby, exactly? I actually wrote about it after the twins were born – you can see it HERE. Ha -back then, B was the “easy” one. People ask me, “Is he a good baby?” And of course I say yes. But when C had reflux, would I have said no? I’m not sure. If you ask me now, is B an easy preschooler? I’m not sure what my response would be. The word “easy” doesn’t fit for me, but I’ll respond to it like the people want to hear anyway.

Yes, Baby I is “easy” – because he doesn’t have reflux or colic. Thank goodness! He’s not fussy. He’s pretty chill. What are most 2 month olds into, anyway? He actually doesn’t mind tummy time and is starting to really pick up his head. He just started smiling, though it’s not constantly. (I have to remind myself that he was 5 weeks early – even though he’s growing rapidly at about 13 pounds, he’s really only 6 weeks old). He pays good attention to his older siblings. He sleeps in his crib at night (thanks to no reflux) and in his swing for naps. He eats. A lot. Those formula babies I had started sleeping longer at this age – not this breastfed baby. He’s up every 4 hours at night. Ugh. I miss sleep. Sleep makes me a better parent. He doesn’t look like either of his siblings, really. A little C, maybe. He’s his own little guy, entering into our world of crazy.


Check out that ear! It’s bigger than his other one, I kid you not.

Baby I isn’t without a little health drama, though nothing serious – he had a tongue and lip tie. Someday I’ll explain how we got there but the short story is, we had it revised after 8 weeks of serious breastfeeding pain. Following that, he went to a CST for some chiropractic something-or-other, and he’s got a SERIOUS flat spot on his head. He does plenty of tummy time. But his neck is super stiff. So twice a week I’ve been watching them twist him and bend him and he’s definitely better. He can turn his head now. His flat spot is shrinking. He’s still super cute.


I’m trying hard, and succeeding, to soak up his infant-ness. He smells good (most of the time). He fits on me just right. I have the ability, this time around, to marvel at the fact that he came from me. I was too overwhelmed with the twins to even consider it. I’m loving my time with him and this “easy”-ish stage. He’s a perfect fit.


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  1. Oh I just love my little baby (who is turning into a big girl …). Having a singleton after twins is really such a special gift. To really spend time with just one baby and allow that baby to sleep on your chest and fit right into your body. A part of me is sad I didn’t get to have that with my big kids, their needs were so overwhelming.

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