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He’s here! He’s here, 5 weeks early, born 5 lbs and 9 oz, and he’s perfect. This is Isaac, or as I’ll call him here, Baby I.


Call it “Mother’s Intuition”. I knew it! I knew it without truly bringing it to light that I was going to have my son early. In my last post, I feared that happening, and I wonder if it’s because I somehow knew it would.

I had my twins at 10:06 PM, at 34 weeks and 6 days. Essentially, I round up and call it 35 weeks. I had my son at 3:10 PM, at 35 weeks exactly. All of my children were born on the first day of my 35th week of pregnancy.

I was nervous all weekend, because I just wanted to stay pregnant past the time the twins were born. Like I was jinxing myself, or something. And on Sunday night, the night the twins were born three years prior, my Braxton Hicks turned painful. They were lower, and they became more frequent. I couldn’t sleep, and of course I was a nervous wreck. I thought if I could sleep, I would be fine in the morning!

But they didn’t stop, so we went to the hospital around 1:00 AM. Sure enough, I was already 3cm dilated and by that time the contractions took my breath away and wouldn’t let me speak. I was definitely in labor.

Originally, I had planned on a C-Section. I even had one scheduled for July 7th. I chose a section because 1) I had already had one, so the scar is already there, 2) because Baby I was breech about a month earlier, and 3) because he was supposed to be giant – at one point he was measuring in the 95th percentile, which then went down to 81st. Truthfully, there was a 4th reason as well. Being that I had a previous section, which went fine and recovery really wasn’t too bad, I wanted to go with my comfort zone. A vaginal delivery, though originally what I always said I wanted, terrified me, because when I delivered the twins I felt that pain and it was scary and traumatic. I was flat-out scared of a vaginal delivery.

That said, before I was officially admitted, I was asked what type of birth I wanted to do. That I needed to make the decision, you know, soon. If I wanted a section, they’d have to do in the next few hours (like 5:00 AM), before the routine scheduled sections started up at 8:00. If I wanted vaginal, I could just labor on and let the time pass. I COULD NOT decide, out of fear. That is, until I was told that I could receive the shot that boosts a preemie’s lung development prior to an early birth. The twins had them, twice, and I truly believe they made a difference in the lack of preemie issues they faced after birth. So to find out that I could get the shot now as well – I needed to get that shot. Problem was, it would take hours to take effect (really, at least 12 hours) and if I was having a section in an hour or two, the shot would be wasted and not work. It was that point alone that convinced me to try vaginally, to give the shot the best chance at working. The doctors and interns were super excited that I chose vaginal over a section.

So to make a long story shorter, I labored all the next day. I got an epidural and wow, what a difference. It was the difference between a terrifying, scary not-sure-what-to-expect delivery and one that I could wrap my head around and be okay with. They sort of just let me wait it out – Baby I was doing his job perfectly, and as the hours went on my dilation increased. I was even able to sleep a little, with the help of the epidural.

Finally, around 2:50 PM, my water broke, and then 15 minutes later, after maybe 5 or 6 pushes, he was here. Just like with the twins, when my water broke, I didn’t have ANY time to spare. My doctor was finishing up with another delivery, actually, and she made it like, just in time. Put on her gloves and then I was pushing. Crazy!

Because he was early, because he was small, and because of my epidural, the vaginal delivery was absolutely wonderful. Like, the best experience ever. It was almost too easy, and I felt like asking if that was truly it, after it was over. He was able to spend 5 minutes on me before going to the NICU, and that was the best, since I wasn’t able to do that with the twins. It was really so, so nice. I had no ripping, no other issues – and other than cramping, the only recovery I really needed was a day or two for my epidural to fully wear off. Once it did – I got up and walked around like I was never pregnant. The whole experience from start to finish was just really awesome – in a way that rushing to the OR and being cut open on a table just isn’t. I’m lucky, my VBAC was very successful.

There’s so much more I’ve been wanting to write – Baby I had a brief 5 day NICU stay (of which I was, of course, already familiar with), I’m actually, truly breastfeeding (another HUGE goal of mine that I didn’t reach last time), and the twins are in love and madly obsessed with him (fighting over who gets to _______ with him is, I’m sure, just the beginning). Our house is loud, hectic, small, and crazy, but that’s our life at the moment.


Above all else, Baby I is healthy, he’s growing, and he’s the absolute perfect fit to our family.


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  1. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to hearing how life as a mom of 3 goes. I hope it’s an easy transition and that the twins are surprisingly good for a long time.

  2. Huge congratulations!!! It sounds like a wonderful delivery made all the more smooth by the hospital staff being so supportive.
    It’s been ages since I’ve been to your blog (old or new) and so many things have changed. B and C are cutely growing weeds. I’ll be catching up as I can. Congrats again!

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