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There’s actually so much good.

Parenting is hard and unpredictable. Throw in some pregnancy hormones and sheer exhaustion and parenting become unbearable. And we are struggling with our son right now. HOWEVER. There’s some hope. There’s a lot of good in this house. When something’s not going right in my life, I’m unable to sit back and let things unfold.… Continue reading There’s actually so much good.

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Pinterest fail Easter activities :)

I love to blog about kid activities and I’ve been a bit quiet this past week because I’m finishing up an awesome gift for my twins for Easter. One that the tutorial informed me would take an hour, and because I’m not crafty, is actually taking me a solid week, working on them every night. SO,… Continue reading Pinterest fail Easter activities 🙂

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The Cheapest, Simplest Sensory Bin Ever

This St. Patrick’s Day-themed bin was a result of what happens when you need an activity pronto that takes less than a minute or two to set up and will keep toddlers occupied for at least a half hour. I find myself scouring Pinterest and other blogs often for ideas on what we could do… Continue reading The Cheapest, Simplest Sensory Bin Ever