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Fostering Toddler Independence, DIY-Style

There are some areas in which I feel very confident in letting my twins just do their thing and figuring life out on their own. There are also some areas (ahem, meal time) when I’m slightly obsessed with making sure they take small bites and chew their food 1,000 times before swallowing. I’m working on… Continue reading Fostering Toddler Independence, DIY-Style

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Simple Sight Word Valentines

I’ve had a lovely weekend with the twins. They’ve been in fantastic moods. They’ve been up for whatever I’ve wanted to do with them. And, their┬ámealtime meltdowns have decreased significantly. I can’t believe it – in reflection, the majority of the issues we were having with both of them (but especially B) involved food. I’ve… Continue reading Simple Sight Word Valentines